Hope Cooperative (formerly TLCS, Inc.) is a private, non-profit psychosocial rehabilitation agency located in Sacramento, California. Founded in 1981, Hope Cooperative began its journey when three determined community members joined together to pursue one common goal: to provide housing, living skills training, community support, entitlement advocacy, and outreach for people struggling with mental health challenges. They brought the first HUD grant to the region nearly four decades ago, and since that time, Hope Cooperative has grown to become a leader in providing new and innovative housing and supportive services to Sacramento's mental health community. Today, we have 215 dedicated employees who work to build stronger communities by offering support, treatment, and opportunities to individuals, the majority of whom are affected by mental and emotional illnesses.

Hope Cooperative owns or operates seven different residential facilities and support clients in scattered-site housing throughout Sacramento County. We’ve created a range of exemplary housing options in this county, providing permanent supportive housing to more than 300 individuals and families, and we're working hard to create additional affordable housing throughout the greater Sacramento area. We creatively use diverse funding sources to maximize the number of housing options available in the community, and our case managers work closely with each client to offer encouragement, support, and specific skills to break the cycle of homelessness and engage the client with community supports to keep them off the streets for good.

We provide a full array of mental health services as well as permanent supportive housing for people with psychiatric disabilities. Our supportive services, such as case management, entitlement advocacy, and life skills development are tailored individually to the needs of the clients we serve. Our clients are educated on how to lead responsible, productive, and self-directed lives by focusing on their strengths. At Hope Cooperative, we believe that individuals with psychiatric disabilities can and do recover through our effective and culturally sensitive services. We also provide innovative crisis intervention services such as our 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Respite Center, offering a non-medical alternative to emergency room care for people experiencing a mental health crisis. Mental Health Triage Navigation Services locates our staff at a variety of access points throughout the community, such as hospital emergency departments, the Sacramento County Main Jail, and the Loaves & Fishes campus, to help individuals struggling with mental health issues to find appropriate services. 

We rely on generosity from corporations, foundations and individuals in the community to help us provide support services for over 6,000 clients annually.  The work we do is challenging, but incredibly rewarding. We believe that change is not only possible for our clients, but at times, miraculous. Hope Cooperative strives to create hope for our clients and community, so after recovery they can actively contribute to society. 

All donations are graciously accepted and go directly towards funding our client-support programs.