For the majority of my life I was addicted to Meth and alcohol, basically self- medicating  undiagnosed mental illness in a dangerous and destructive.  My story began in 2005 when I moved to Sacramento from San Francisco to go into drug and alcohol treatment. I came to Sacramento to receive treatment and had to attend groups at AOD weekly, while waiting for a space to open at a treatment center. The woman who ran the groups told me I might be bipolar and instructed me to go to the Primary Care Clinic located across the street from the group location and to talk to a psychiatrist. So I did and I got a diagnosis stating I was bipolar and had manic depression with PTSD, Anxiety and DHD. So I started taking medication. I was then referred to Adult Access to apply to a mental health clinic where I could better receive care relating to my illnesses. I was referred to HRC where I met my savior, my next psychiatrist Dr. Ron Risely who literally saved my life.  He and I started what I like to call my journey to well being, safety and sanity. We tried different medications because at this point I felt safe and was open to try working on my new outlook on life the help of meds. We finally found the medications that worked best for me and then I really started feeling better and realizing I still had a lot to learn about my illnesses and Dr. Risely was very patient and informative.  I also did my own research and went to med groups etc. HRC then branched off into TCORE/Hope Cooperative and I was able to become a client of that organization with my same Doctor and also more, such as my own representative and team support and clinician and resources.  So I have been receiving care and support from TCORE/Hope Cooperative for eight years now and my life has changed completely form the sad girl/woman I was back in 2005.  With the help and support I have received from this organization I can honestly say I live a pretty normal life now and I believe in and support anyone who makes the decision to receive services from Hope Cooperative.  It is for some maybe a bit scary at first but if you just try and believe form the stories of others you two can be saved.