Stories of Hope


For the majority of my life I was addicted to Meth and alcohol, basically self- medicating  undiagnosed mental illness in a dangerous and destructive.  My story began in 2005 when I moved to Sacramento from San Francisco to go into drug and alcohol treatment. I came to Sacramento to receive treatment and had to attend groups at AOD weekly, while waiting for a space to open at a treatment center.


 My life before Hope Cooperative was pretty difficult and chaotic. I felt hopeless and didn’t know if I was going to be able to get housing. In the past I did ask other programs for help and housing and was not successful in finding or even receiving information on housing for example: names of places/or phone numbers. I started my journey here in Sacramento at the Salvation Army, the shelter on B Street. I wanted my recovery with all my heart so I went to Clean and Sober for Monday through Friday for AA and NA meetings.


My name is Irving Jones and I honestly have to say that my whole Hope Cooperative experience has been life changing. Seven years ago I was running the streets, homeless, living in abandoned apartments, selling and stealing what I could for dope and alcohol. At a certain point I thought I would come to Sacramento just to die. I went to jail for the very last time in my life, I figured out there was something else better for me out there. So what I did the very last time I got out of jail, I was triaged at The Guest House and  put on a list for Carol’s place.


I left my job and my cute cottage in Mill Valley, CA. I was having a “melt down.” It was 2007 and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was totally incoherent at that point. I left everything behind except my purse and the clothes on my back; I hitchhiked from Mill Valley to Sacramento. I thought my daughter would be glad to see me, however, when I got to her house she refused. I asked her husband to take me to Capital Park so, he dropped me off there and I lived on a park bench for a week.