Hope Cooperative

Hope Cooperative (formerly TLCS) has been providing mental health and supportive housing services for people with mental health challenges for nearly 40 years in Sacramento County. As a client-driven organization, we are dedicated to the independence and empowerment of individuals with psychiatric and other disabilities. Our services include intensive case management, permanent supportive housing, life skills education, psychiatric services, therapy, co-occurring substance use treatment, residential support services, opportunities for social connectedness and meaningful activities, and crisis intervention, which we provide to more than 6,000 people in our community each year. Many of our clients are homeless when they begin their Hope Cooperative journey and are now successfully living in a "forever" home. Our 215 dedicated and compassionate staff members are committed to culturally sensitive services that support clients on their path to self-sufficiency. 

Hope Cooperative was recognized as the 2015 Sacramento Housing Alliance Social Justice award winner, and in 2019 was selected as Bank of America's "Neighborhood Builder". 


If you or a loved one are looking for the Mental Health Crisis Respite Center, call: (916)Respite or (916)737-7483 


The Mental Health Crisis Respite Center is centrally located in Sacramento County and makes transportation available for participants who need it. This program helps people find respite during times of mental health crisis. The program is staffed 24/7 and serves any individual living in Sacramento County who is at least 18 years of age and experiencing a mental health crisis who is not in immediate danger to themselves or others. All individuals utilizing the respite center may be eligible to stay for up to 23-hours and can expect knowledge-based services rooted in compassion and understanding. At the Crisis Respite Center, our primary goal is to stabilize individuals in crisis while addressing their basic need for a safe environment and emotional support so they are better positioned to explore their crisis with a solution-oriented mindset. Every guest will feel warmly welcomed and will leave with an individualized resource plan to mitigate future crises. This program offers:
•An innovative and unique alternative service to traditional emergency room and inpatient care.
•A welcoming, comfortable and home-like atmosphere that provides the individual in crisis, or at risk ofgoing into crisis, a place to stabilize in a safe and supportive environment.
•Culturally competent care with highly trained, multilingual staff.
•Holistic recovery.
•Advocacy, information, and referral.